I’m a certified 300-hour Jivamukti Yoga teacher. Most recently, I completed my 100-hr Mindfulness Meditation teaching certificate at Tibet House US.

My yoga teaching style integrates conscious breathing with movement through sequences that are detailed in alignment, along with eclectic music playlists. Classes integrate modern and ancient yogic teachings.

With a professional art direction and motion design background of 15 years, I’ve worked and lived in London, Berlin and the Middle East, being a creative working across international news, digital media and non-profit for companies like TED Talks, Al Jazeera English, NBC, Vimeo, Gizmodo, Jezebel, Peloton and now CNN digital. 

Initially, I gravitated to the wellness space as a means to find healing from ancestral trauma, deal with grief and mend a physical injury. I am honored to share these healing practices with others, supporting an embodied and empowered approach to these modalities.

Born in Brooklyn, to a Jamaican mother and Italian father, I was raised in multiple countries. As a result, I’m a global nomad honoring our interconnectedness.
One Love 

(Jivamukti Yoga School NYC)

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